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There are downsides to just letting myths live on. Spending time and money on treatment that does not work or avoiding a procedure believing some bizarre things often leads people to missing out on the things that would improve their health. So, let’s put our myth busting cap on and debunk some most common myths about physiotherapy today.

Myth 1: Physiotherapy is only for injuries and accidents

Many people don’t realise they can see a physiotherapist for preventative maintenance or to optimise their current performance. Seeing a physiotherapist before you have pain allows us to correct any small issues before they turn into bigger problems. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, looking to shoot the golf ball father or skate faster, a physiotherapist can help you achieve your goals.

Myth 2: Do some exercises at home and you don’t need to see a physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is the combination of hands-on therapy and exercise, not just exercise alone. Your physiotherapist has the proper knowledge on how to correct stiff and tight areas in the body so you can perform the exercises properly. The exercise program will be appropriate to your condition and the stage of healing. Your physiotherapy will also be able to correct your form while doing the exercises, so as not to aggravate the injury or cause new problems.

Myth 3: A physiotherapist = Massage therapist

A common belief is that physiotherapy mainly centres around massage. The truth be, massage is only one element of physio and should be utilised in-conjunction with a holistic, individualised treatment plan. Your physiotherapist will combine several hands-on techniques with a guided exercise program to get you back to your activities faster.

Myth 4: Oh! it hurts

If you’ve been to a physiotherapist before, you would know that this is a myth already. But for most people, who have never been to a physiotherapist in their life, believe that it is a tedious course of pain. In fact, physiotherapy is meant for the exact opposite – which is to give you the least amount of discomfort and pain, whilst helping you heal and perform.

Myth 5: You always need medical referral

Physiotherapists are primary care practitioners, which means you don’t require a doctor’s note to make an appointment. However, if you have benefits make sure you check with your insurance company to see what they need to cover your physiotherapy appointments.

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