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In addition to land based physiotherapy services UC Physio offer aquatic physiotherapy otherwise known as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is offered at BubbleSwim on the northern Gold Coast.



Hydrotherapy is a fun way to get people moving and deliver exercises. Although hydrotherapy takes place in a heated pool, the client does not need to know how to swim as they are supported with the therapist and/or buoyancy aids. Many therapeutic exercises are performed in an upright posture. Hydrotherapy allows your physiotherapist to modify loads and is often used when land based therapy is too tough. Hydrotherapy can also be used by athletes who need a lighter physical load between land based training sessions. The supportive, assistive and resistive qualities of the water make it possible for clients to complete range of movement, strength and endurance exercises to help improve their mobility and function.



Our physiotherapists Naomi and Tegan take a range of UC Physio clients to improve function from young children who need strengthening and postural control to adults recovering from injury or illness, surgery or immobilisation. They are able to assist setting up programs for self management for osteoarthritis and chronic pain and also run supervised sessions. Hydrotherapy offers a range of benefits to all individuals of all ages. The main benefits we see with hydrotherapy are:


Decreases pain and increases circulation

Warm water helps to reduce pain and improve circulation by increasing the blood supply to the muscles. It can help decease swelling.


Promote relaxation

Muscles have the opportunity to relax with a decrease in muscle spasms and pain.


Stimulates balance

Enhances core strengthening, balance and stabilisation of the body.


Provides resistance (Strengthening)

Water resists quick movement so exercises are slower and more precise, strengthening weakened muscles.


Supports the body (Buoyancy)

The buoyancy of water allows clients to exercise more independently as it can make it easier and less painful. Clients unable to weight-bear on land (ie walk, stand) can often achieve task in the water, and the water level allows it be graded for early rehabilitation.


Increased exercise tolerance and psychological benefits 

Not only do the benefits of hydrotherapy enhance physical well-being but it helps to restore a client’s enjoyment, self-esteem, confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Clients that are unable to exercise on land (difficult, painful or impossible) often enjoy participating in exercises in the water and may be able to achieve what may not usually be possible outside of the water.


At UC Physio, our physiotherapists are dedicated to improving our client’s quality of life by managing acute and chronic conditions, rehabilitating injury and disease management, preventing injury and disability whilst managing the client’s limitations and restrictions.

As part of a comprehensive and individual treatment plan, our physiotherapist at UC Physio may recommend aquatic physiotherapy as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with land base exercises and other therapy modalities. UC Physio, in Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast, are ready to assist you and your whole family. Call us today to find out more about Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Physiotherapy! 

Case Study

Aquatic Physiotherapy Case Study

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