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International Day of People with Disabilities is where the world joins to strive towards inclusivity of people with disabilities into social and economic life. Governments aim to give the best access to the necessary care needed to remove the barriers to equality.

Physiotherapists have been instrumental in optimising a disabled persons lifestyle, whilst minimising treatable issues.

How can physiotherapists help? 

We work with you and your support network to give you access to the best care and the best tools for you to thrive. At UC Physio on the Gold Coast, we have a good understanding of what funding is available and what tools you can use to improve your lifestyle.

We can assist with;

  • Advising you on the best exercises and treatments to improve your quality of life
  • We can look at tools that can assist you in both your recovery and improving your lifestyle, such as mobility aids and any equipment that might help
  • We will optimise your physical ability through physiotherapy exercises
  • Physiotherapy is key in strengthening, stretching and improving movements
  • We can assist alleviating pain
  • We focus on improving and developing motor skills

Why settle for less?  

Talk to the physiotherapists at UC Physio on the Gold Coast. We take a wholistic approach to assisting people with disabilities. We look at how we can help improve your lifestyle, whether that’s with the assistance of physiotherapy exercises or tools and equipment that can aid in recovery and assisting you in your day-to-day life.

International Day of People with disabilities Day is all about inclusivity and removing the barriers that stops people with disabilities being included in everyday social and economic life. Call UC Physio on the Gold Coast. Our physiotherapists can help find the right treatment or tools to take the barriers away and help you lives a fuller life.

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