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There has been a lot of talk about NDIS and what it means for people with permanent or significant injuries and assisting them to reach their maximum potential. Firstly, lets see what NDIS stands for.

NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The scheme aims to provide care and support to those living with disabilities and helping them to function in society to their maximum.

When it comes to disabilities of any kind, the government’s aim is to promote equality and take away the barriers that can stop a person being included in every day social and economic life. The NDIS funding will assist with giving individuals access to the best treatment and equipment to help them reach their full potential.

We’re physiotherapists that are invested in your future

At UC Physio on the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on knowing the best tools and equipment that can help promote a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. We have a thorough understanding of how to help people living with disabilities.

What are some of the things your NDIS funding could be spent on?

  • We look at treatment plans to help maximise your health and minimise any further deterioration
  • We spend a lot of time researching the latest technology to help and assist those with disabilities to live more independently. This is most noticeable when looking at the vast array of wheelchairs that are available and knowing the differences in many electric and seating systems is vitally important
  • Early intervention in the early years following a diagnosis and getting therapy right the first time and promoting appropriate management from an early age

Make the most of your NDIS funding

It can all be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry with UC Physio on the Gold Coast providing therapy we can help you make the most of your NDIS funding and give you access to the latest in therapy and tools to help you hit your goals and live a full and happy life.

A journey we take one step at a time

Call UC Physio on the Gold Coast on 07 5561 8111 and see how you can reach your maximum potential today. Why settle for anything less. Our physiotherapists can help you work out how to get the most from your funding and get access to the tools and treatment you need.

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