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Nicole Swallow, Speech Pathologist, works from our paediatric room on Monday and every second Saturday.

The Speech Pathologist will provide extensive assessment, treatment and management where necessary in the following areas:

  • Speech-Articulation and Phonology
  • Language
  • Social Communication
  • Fluency
  • Phonological Awareness and Emergent literacy
  • Narrative Development


Our Upper Coomera clinic on the Gold Coast offers a University qualified Speech Pathologist (Speech Therapist) who will initially complete a full and comprehensive assessment with the client. Once they have ascertained where the problem lies and the extent of the difficulty, therapy options will be discussed and a program will be designed to suit your child’s needs, this may include referral to other agencies. (eg. OT, Paediatrician, psychologist)

The Speech Pathologist can provide support to children with communication difficulties that may include the following areas:


Children will be assessed by our Speech Pathologist to determine which sounds your child can or cannot say. If your child has difficulty moving their lips or tongue, and is unable to produce a sound, this is an articulation difficulty.

It is also common for children to use their own set of rules to ‘simplify’ a sound, a child may say ‘tar’ for ‘car’ as they have learnt to use a /t/ sound in place of a /k/ sound, called ‘Fronting’. This is known as a Phonological difficulty.


If necessary, our Speech Pathologist may also assess and provide therapy for your child’s language abilities.

These may include:

  • Comprehension: the ability to understand what is being said, to be able to follow verbal directions and understand words, concepts and sentence structure.
  • Expression: using language to communicate needs, thoughts and ideas.
  • Social Communication, known as Pragmatic skills. This is the ability to appropriately use language skills to; request information, inform, persuade, and reject whilst following conversational rules such as turn taking, body language and eye contact; as well as adjusting to the listener and setting to allow appropriate interactions.


The Speech Pathologist will also assess your child’s fluency whilst speaking. Some children repeat or prolong sounds and words or block when speaking, this is called Stuttering or Dysfluency.

Phonological Awareness

The Speech Pathologist can also evaluate and support your child’s Phonological Awareness skills which is an important and reliable predictor of later reading ability. This is the ability to break down words into its parts. For example:

  • Sound awareness: How many sounds you hear in a word,
  • Syllable awareness: how many parts you hear in the word ‘rab-bit’,
  • Rhyming: words that sound the same eg ‘car’ and ‘tar’,
  • Blending: what word do the sounds ‘m-oo-n’ make?

Narrative Skills

The Speech Pathologist can assess and support your child’s ability to describe things, events and tell stories. (This is about storytelling and understanding how stories work).

One in seven people have a communication disability.

Speech Therapy enables individuals to develop vital skills for communication and maximise their communication potential.

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